Sheep Handling Equipment

Cormac 20ft Standard Handling Race

  • Drafting Gate
  • 4 x 350mm(10ft) Sheeted Sides- providing a race width of 560mm (1ft 10")
  • 1 x Non Return Gate
  • 1 x Guillotine Gate
  • 2 x Footbaths and Sponges 1500mm (5ft) x 540mm
  • (1ft 9") x 150mm (6") high

20ft Mobile Race

  • Trailer 10ft (3.05m)
  • Drafting Gate
  • 4 x 3.05m (10ft) Sheeted Sides- providing a race width of 0.34m (1ft 10")
  • 1 x Non Return Gate
  • 1 x Guillotine Gate
  • 2 x Footbaths and Sponges 1.5m (5ft) x (1ft 9") x 150mm (6") high

The Trailer comes complete with lights and number plate display area.

New improved Cormac Roll Over Crate

  • 1600mm(5ft 3") length x 690mm (2ft 3") x 890mm wide
  • (2ft 11") high. Overall working width 1120mm(3ft 8")
  • Fully Galvanised
  • Overturns Sheep with ease, fits into the Cormac 20ft Handling Race
  • Ideally Located in the middle of a 20ft Race
  • The Unit Provides a floor in the bottom of the Roll Over Crate, ensuring the sheep return to a clean surface before going into a footbath
  • Accommodates all sizes and breeds of sheep with its adjustable height
  • Ideal for hoof paring, docking, udder examination and mouth

Cormac Batch Footbath

  • The Bath has a capacity of 110 Gallons.
  • The Dimensions are 10ft (3.05m) x 3ft (1m) wide.
  • Each end has a 3ft (1m) swing gate.
  • Each side is 10ft (3.05m) Railed.
  • All sides and Swing Gates are removable.
  • The Bath has a gridded floor.
  • The Batch Footbath can hold on average 8 –10 Ewes at one time.

Cormac Lamb Weighing Scale

  • Dimensions 3ft 6'' long (1.09m) 1ft 2'' wide(0.37m) 54'' high (0.16m) 16'' high cage(0.05m)
  • Comes with Hang on manual Clock 250kg or Hang on Digital Clock 100kg
  • Entry Gate is Folding Gate
  • Exit Gate is a Swing Gate

Cormac Plastic Footbath

  • Dimensions of Footbath 5ft x 22” wide
  • Fits into Cormac Sheep Handling Race
  • Capacity of Footbath is 85litres
  • All footbath solutions are available in Store